A.I.M under level 1

All back to normal but with sensible hygiene precautions at all time.


A.I.M under level 2


  • Staff to return to AIM on Thursday May 14th to deep clean everywhere, tidy up and discuss operational procedures over the next 2 weeks.


  • No more than 3 participants and 3 staff at any one time at AIM.  Depending on how many people plan to return will determine if this is daily or half daily (to make sure everyone has a fair chance to attend).  Half day sessions would run 9am – 11.30am and 12pm – 2.30pm to keep contact to a minimal between sessions.


  • Only one person at a time in the office.  Staff to meet and chat in front room in the mornings (1 on each sofa), not in the office.


  • No more than 2 staff and 2 participants in the vehicle at any one time and spaced out as much as possible. The other participant and staff will need to use the staff vehicle for transport.


  • Outings will be to outdoor places with low chance of meeting other people such as the park or beach. All other sessions to be held at AIM with everyone spaced out either in front room, or back activity room or spread out among all 3 rooms (depending on the activity).


  • No volunteers or visitors.


  • Strict hygiene protocols on entering the building (everyone to use hand sanitizer), meal times and changing (the wearing of PPE and washing hands).


Contact Tracing: Use our daily 'register of people on site’ form to record who is at AIM and when. 


Use of masks: This has not been recommended by the government as essential.

Illness: Sending people home who seem unwell and asking participants not to attend if they are unwell.

A.I.M under level 3 & 4

AIM base closed.


Contact: Staff stay in regular contact with participants and their families via email, phone calls, FB/Messenger video chats, and zoom group sessions.

Distance Learning: Participants receive:

  • a list of activities and projects to do at home

  • visual scavenger hunt charts

  • links and ideas posted to the AIM FB page

  • regular bingo cards to play together via zoom


Feedback on Projects: Participants, with the support of their families, post pics of their activities, projects and works in progress, in the private AIM whanau FB group. 

Lockdown Diaries: Staff member, Jennie Rowntree, collated visual Lockdown Diaries for each participant. These included educational material on Covid-19, as well as snippets and photos from their distance learning projects, during the various Levels. As well as being fun to read at any time, the diaries will be great historical records of this unprecedented time period.

covid alert image.jpg

Keeping in touch during Lockdown -

Zoom Bingo sessions

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Lockdown Activities at Home

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.