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Protection Framework 

NEW PROTOCOLS from Dec 3rd 2021


Links to Traffic Light Rules:

Life at Red

Life at Orange

Life at Green

Link to the detailed Covid-19 Response Chart


A.I.M under RED​​


  • Everyone physically attending AIM must be fully vaccinated.

  • Staff and participants must not attend if they are unwell and must undergo approved Covid testing before returning to AIM. 


  • Contact Tracing: Use the daily 'register of people on site’, to record who is at AIM and when

  • All volunteers/visitors to the premises must scan in and show vaccination pass.​

  • Only one person at a time in the office.  ​

  • ​Strict hygiene protocols on entering the building (everyone to use hand sanitizer), meal times and changing (the wearing of PPE and washing hands).

  • All usual Covid hygiene protocols apply:

       regular handwashing, good ventilation (open windows), spread out when possible           both inside and in vehicles when travelling, use masks indoors when/where


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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Lockdown Activities at Home

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