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We visit our local cafés and tourist spots in and around Warkworth, and then review them based on their accessibility, hospitality, service and recycling commitments. Please contact us if you would like a review


















Columbus Café - Mitre 10 

Address: Mitre 10 MEGA, Cnr Woodcocks Rd & Mansel Drive, Warkworth

Wheelchair access:  Yes

Disability parking:   Yes   

Lots of room?  Average for a Mobility vehicle, otherwise good for a car.

Disabled toilets:  Yes excellent, lots of room and even a shower.

Friendly and welcoming:  Yes very friendly, welcoming and helpful.

Any other accessible features? Yes automatic doors made it easy for wheelchairs to move in and out of the shop.

Coffee rating: Excellent!

Any ecofriendly/plastic reducing practices?  Yes they give away coffee grounds.



So French Café Deli

Address: 2 Neville Street, Warkworth 

Wheelchair access:  Yes

Disability parking:   No, however 3 disabled parks in the street nearby.

Disabled toilets:  Yes excellent.

Friendly and welcoming:  Yes  friendly, welcoming.

Any other accessible features? Yes, a good variety of seating areas, a large table that is great for getting wheelchairs around, couches and standard coffee tables. Bar stools in window.

Coffee rating: Excellent!

Any ecofriendly/plastic reducing practices?  Yes, napkins and cups, and you are able to bring your own.

Coffee Club 

Address: The Grange, 4/67 Auckland Rd, Warkworth

Reviewed by AIM, 29.10. 2020

Wheelchair access:  Yes, in the front door and all through the building. 

Is there plenty of room for wheelchairs?  Yes, very wide spaces between tables and at the counter. Room to get to the toilet and to a deck out the back.

Disability parking:  Yes but a little walk away in the car park     

Disabled toilets:  Yes, very good. Quite a lot of room for an average wheelchair but not enough room for a large wheelchair and support person. There was room for large wheelchair on its own but might be tight depending on the size of the wheelchair. Nice and clean, low sink and mirror.

Friendly and welcoming:  Yes very! 

Any other accessible features? Couldn’t see any.

Coffee/drinks rating: 4.5 / 5

Any ecofriendly/plastic reducing practices?  Paper straws, keep cups for sale, coffee grounds on request.

General: Great coffee and friendly atmosphere

Overall rating:  4.5/5


Address: 70 Kokihi Lane, Snells Beach

Newly re-opened - no website/FB page

Reviewed by AIM, 19.11. 2020


Wheelchair access into the building: Yes, two ramps either side at the front of the building

Is there plenty of room for wheelchairs to get around?  Yes there was plenty of room between tables

Disability parking:  No but there were large parking spaces available  

Lots of room?  Yes

Disabled toilets:  Yes, excellent! 4/5   large, clean with accessible toilet with rail, low sink, soap dispenser and paper towels.  Mirror was too high for someone using a wheelchair.

Friendly and welcoming:  yes 5/5

Any other accessible features? Great ramps to get in and out of building, plenty of room to maneuver around the café. Access to toilet clear. The tables were a good height for a small wheelchair to fit underneath.

Coffee/drinks rating:  5/5!

Any ecofriendly/plastic reducing practices?  Didn’t see any and the straws were plastic, however, this café is brand new and is still setting up.

General: Very good for such a new café, a lot of thought had gone into the toilets and general access for wheelchairs.

Overall Rating:  5/5

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