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Inclusion - Community - Diversity

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The programme manager supports each participant to create their own Life Goal Plan in accordance with their personal goals.


Goals are set by the participant (and/or with support from their family and their support team) and are based on their own strengths and interests.

AIM provides support to enable participants to live the life they want -  to help them develop relationships, network, and become contributing members of our community.


We focus on social role valorization to source 

meaningful community participation opportunities - and work experience, where possible. 


As we are all life-long learners, we also offer ongoing opportunities to develop better life, social, numeracy, communication (AAC and NZSL) and literacy skills. 


While some activities are provided at the AIM premises, many happen off-site, in the local community.


Depending on personal goals, this could include:

  • work experience

  • participation at local community gardens 

  • volunteering at a local animal sanctuary

  • contributing towards recycling awareness and actively initiating recycling projects

  • native bush planting and maintenance

  • regular gym attendance and outdoor fitness -beach/bush walks

  • attending Warkworth library literacy sessions

  • shopping at local supermarkets

  • attending a weekly community dance session (Move and Groove)

  • educational visits to experience visitor attractions & events (from Whangarei to Auckland)

  • reviewing local cafes - their menu, recycling awareness, and overall accessibility

  • reviewing accessibility to local visitor spots




AIM works towards promoting active engagement between individual participants and our local community.

As an organisation, AIM networks with/works alongside, agencies such as:


  • MSD


  • Disability Connect

  • Homebuilders Family Services

  • Lifeway Homes

  • Spectrum Care

  • Mahu Trading Post

  • Highfield Reserve Association

  • Warkworth Rotary

  • Matakana Community Garden

  • Auckland North Community & Development (ANCAD)

  • Healing Through Arts Trust

  • Talklink

  • Workbridge

  • Men's Shed Warkworth

  • Wastebusters




We aim to provide support and opportunities for empowerment and participation in the community, for adults with intellectual disabilities, regardless of the level of disability. We will respect and celebrate individuality in a safe environment.


AIM follows the ENABLING GOOD LIVES approach, based on these 8 principles:


Disabled people are in control of their lives.

Beginning early

Invest early in families and whānau to support them; to be aspirational for their disabled child; to build community and natural supports; and to support disabled children to become independent, rather than waiting for a crisis before support is available.


Disabled people have supports that are tailored to their individual needs and goals, and that take a whole life approach rather than being split across programmes.

Ordinary life outcomes

Disabled people are supported to live an everyday life in everyday places; and are regarded as citizens with opportunities for learning, employment, having a home and family, and social participation - like others at similar stages of life.

Mainstream first

Disabled people are supported to access mainstream services before specialist disability services.

Mana enhancing

The abilities and contributions of disabled people and their families are recognised and respected.

Easy to use

Disabled people have supports that are simple to use and flexible.

Relationship building

Supports building and strengthening relationships between disabled people, their whānau and community.

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